How do I export my data?

You can export your myPresences data to CSV format (Comma Separated Values) so that you can load and analyse your data in other tools such as Excel.

To be able to export you must be on the Involved Plan as your plan requires API access to be able to export data.

We currently support the ability to export the following:

Media (Photos\Videos)
Access URL:

Reviews (Coming Soon)
Access URL:

People (Coming Soon)
Access URL:

To be able to export data from myPresences we provide a URL that you can access that will return a CSV file that you can save to your file system.  You can control the data that is returned by adding parameters to the URL.  

We use session level security to control access to your data so you need to have an existing myPresences session in the same browser with the business you wish to export data for selected.

To export data to CSV:

  1. Open myPresences in a browser window and select the business you wish to export data for.
  2. Open another tab in the same browser.
  3. Enter the URL for the resource you wish to access from above.
  4. Once you submit the URL the browser should prompt you to download the resultant CSV file.

You can now open this CSV file in your spreadsheet or analysis tool.


By default the API's will return the latest 20 records.  You can change the number of rows returned by adding:

to the end of the URL where X is the number of items you want to return.  If you enter 0 then all rows will be returned.

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