What is a Service Zone?

You will find the ability to set your Service Zone in your business configuration and may be wondering what it refers to.

myPresences works with businesses all over the world but not every service is available everywhere and also particular services may only be relevant for a particular country or even one city.

To allow us to provide you with only relevant services for your business we use the concept of a Service Zone which defines a region where a particular service is relevant.  Every service is associated with one or more service zones or is Global to indicate that it is relevant to businesses in those service zones.

We also associate your business with one service zone which allows us to determine which services are relevant to your business.

In the majority of cases your service zone will be your Country and if we currently do no support your country it should be set to Global.

In the future you may set your service zone at a state or even city level as we start to support hyperlocal and city based services but at the time of writing myPresences only supports country level services.

Service Zones are hierarchical in nature in that if your service zone is set to United States your business will also be associated with all services which are Global.   If your service zone in the future is set to Los Angeles then your business will be associated with all services relevant to a business in Los Angeles, California, United States and Global.

Service zones can also be geographically based using a Geo Co-ordinate and a radius.

At the moment you should simply consider this to be the country where your business is located.

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