What is a Business Type?

A Business Type is a a label that defines a group of businesses at a high level for the purposes of determining which Online Services are applicable to which businesses.


Your business will have at least one Business Type associated and may have as many as you feel are appropriate to fully describe the type of business you are.

We associate Business Types with each Online Service we support so that those Services are only recommended to businesses they are appropriate to. For example, we only want to recommend medical sites to doctors and travel sites to hotels.

You set your business type when you first add your business and it might be automatically set based on the business type already set for you in Google Maps.

You can also Change your Business Type in your Business Profile.

We use your Business Types in two ways:

  1. To determine which online services are appropriate to your business.
  2. To help determine your peers when comparing your business to others.

You can select more than one business type for your business and you should spend some time looking at your business types in your Business Profile.  Choose as many as you feel are appropriate as some are quite broad and can refer to many businesses.


Broad Business Types

Some services support a wide variety of business but those services may not be appropriate to all businesses that fall into those Business Types.  

For example, Online Business can be added if you are a business that does a lot online. We will then suggest services that are applicable to online only businesses regardless of whether you are an e-commerce company or an electrician. 

To solve this problem we have added a number of broad business types that you can add to your Business Types if you feel they are appropriate.

Some of these broad categories are:

  • Online Business.
  • Startup.
  • Seniors Related.
  • Wedding Related.


More Specific Categories

We are always adding new categories or being more specific about existing categories and this is driven by the need to be able to differentiate different online services being applicable to different business types.

For example: We currently have one category for cleaners but if we support niche services only for window cleaning then we will add a new category for window cleaners. 

If we are missing a category that is appropriate to your business please let us know at and we will do our best to better support your business.


It goes without saying that setting your Business Type correctly is extremely important and will directly affect how much myPresences can benefit your business.

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