What does it mean when a service is in Maintenance?

When a service is in maintenance this means we have detected a problem with the information we receive from the service.  When this happens we put that service into Maintenance and we will not update any data for presences on that service until it is taken out of maintenance.

This is because we do not want incorrect information to make it into the system as much as possible and stopping updates immediately when we detect an anomaly is a big part of keeping your data accurate. 

Ideally a service should only remain in maintenance for a short period and we aim to resolve all maintenance issues within one week where possible.

When a service is in maintenance you will notice a few things:

  1. Any presences associated with that service will not be updated. You will not see new reviews, photos and any other updates during this period.
  2. At the top of any presences that are in maintenance you will see a notice saying the presence is in maintenance.

When the service is taken out of maintenance all the associated presences will be updated and any changes since the service went into maintenance will then be available.

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