Our promise to Service Providers

When working with a service we will do our best to respect the policies and wishes of the service and minimise impact on the service as much as possible.

As such we will endeavour to adhere to the following.


We Will

Use an API when one is available

If you provide an API we will use it rather than accessing your pages.

Only index pages that are associated with the business we are currently updating

We will not scrape your site and will only index pages requested by or belonging to the business we are currently updating.

Provide a communication channel to your businesses

Service providers who partner with myPresences will have access to providing updates on relevant users timelines so they can inform them about changes and opportunities on your service.

Provide access to data about your service

With access to your Service Provider account you will be able to see information on how your service is being used and get access to up to date business data and relevant businesses who do not have a presence on your platform.

We Won't

Overly use your resources

We will access a minimal amount of data and can alter our update interval at your request.

Use your data other than for informing the business owner.

The data we gather from your site will only be used to inform the user who has indicated they are a representative of the business that the data belongs to.

Sell your data.

We will not sell the information gathered from your site to any third parties.

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