Claiming your Service Profile

If you represent one of the services supported by myPresences you can claim your profile and get access to additional capabilities and information on the businesses using myPresences that are relevant to your service.

To claim your profile please email and indicate which service you would like to claim.  Please use an email address from your domain where possible.


Claiming your profile will give you access to an admin console where you can:

  • Update and add to your profile.
  • See all businesses using myPresences that have a presence on your service and how accurate and complete their data is.
  • See businesses that have duplicate presences on your service.
  • See businesses that are relevant to your service with no identified presence on your service.
  • Help businesses build their presence on your service by identifying their presence for them.
  • Access an API that will give you access to accurate business data for businesses relevant to your service.


 Businesses Page

Here you can see a list of businesses relevant to your service and whether they have a listing or not. You can also see how accurate and complete your listings are based on the business owners own data.


Settings Page

Here you can see and change the information that makes up your Service Profile.  Update your information and add claims and resources to help your users do more on your service.


Our aim is to help you promote your service directly to the businesses that are relevant to you and to help those businesses build the best possible presence and reputation on your service.



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