Export my Credentials

Once you have loaded your credentials into myPresences you probably also want a nice list of usernames and passwords to keep separately or for backup.

You can easily create a list of all your credentials and save them to a CSV file on your computer at any time.

The exported list is sorted alphabetically on the name of the service and includes:

  • Service Name
  • Service URL.
  • Admin Username.
  • Admin Password.
  • Admin Email.
  • Admin Login Method. (If login is via one of the social services)
  • User Username.
  • User Password.
  • User Email.
  • User Login Method.

To export your credentials:

Step Action Notes
1 Go to the Business Page. Click on  the Cog icon beside your business name in the header
2 Click the Export Credentials button. This will be at the bottom of the business information.
3 The credentials file will be saved to your computer. The file is named with today's date and will be saved to the default download location.


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