Store your Service Credentials (Username and Password)

When managing your presence across tens or hundreds of different online services one of the biggest frustrations can be managing your login credentials across all of these services.  It is not a good idea to use the same password everywhere and over time you will probably use different usernames and email addresses and may also be using social media logins for some sites (but which site!).

Mypresences helps you manage this problem by allowing you to store your access credentials for each service directly in the system so that they are easily accessible whenever you need them.

By storing your access credentials in myPresences you can also take advantage of some additional benefits, such as:

  • Multiple users can gain access to your login credentials
  • Access to the password can be logged to see who has accessed it
  • If your account is being managed by a third party they can gain access to your credentials and also create and set them for you.
  • In the forthcoming myPresences Chrome Extension we will automatically log you into services when you access them without you or third parties needing to see your username and password.

You can store two sets of credentials for each service:

  1. User Credentials.  This is your login details as a user of the site.  You will use these credentials when you want to use the service as a user and will not have access to management services for your business.
  2. Admin Credentials. This is your login details as the administrator of your business presence(s) on the service.  Using these credentials will usually give you access to the ability to change information about your business on the service and may also give you a dashboard showing the performance of your business on the service.

On some service you will have one set of credentials for both admin and user, in this case store your credentials as Admin as service like the myPresences Chrome Extension will use your admin credentials.

Saving your Service Credentials

Before you can save your access credentials for a service you must first have a verified presence on that service.  If you do not already have a presence for the service create one and add the presence to myPresences.

  1. Go to a presence page for the service.  Go to the Presences page on the navigation bar and click on the presence to bring up the Presence page.
  2. Click Set Credentials. If your service does not already have credentials you will see a button Set Credentials near the top of the presence page. Click this button to set your credentials.
  3. Enter your Access Credentials.  Enter your username, password and email address your your User and Admin accounts as required.  If the service supports social login and you login to the site using this method simply choose the social service you use.  For a social service we do not store your access credentials and it is only a reminder of which service to use when you login next.  
  4. Click Save Credentials.  Click the save button to save your credentials.

Access your Service Credentials

  1. Go to a presence page for the service.  Go to the Presences page on the navigation bar and click on the presence to bring up the Presence page.
  2. Show your access credentials.  If you have access credentials stored for the service you will see a box saying "Your access credentials for Service
    ". Click Show to see your credentials.  If you do not see this box then you do not have access credentials saved and you should set your credentials.
  3. Show Password. If you need to see your password click the Show Password button.  Access to this button may be logged for the owner of the account to see.

Removing your Service Credentials

To remove your access credentials for a service access them and remove the values associated with Username, password and Email Address and press Save Credentials.

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