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Doing business online is now a reality for most businesses, whether you are an online business who relies on online for your business or just use the internet as another promotional vehicle.

 Your business now has more than one storefront.  In fact you have many spread across the Internet on places like:

  • Your Website
  • Social Media Sites
  • Directories
  • Niche Directories
  • Phone Apps
  • Online Databases
  • Watch Apps
  • And more on the way

Each one of these is a storefront representing your business and it is likely that one of these online storefronts will be the first impression your potential customers get of your business.

The earlier you start to build and promote your online storefront the more you will benefit as online becomes more and more important to your business each year.

Consider the following:

  • 88% of consumers consult online reviews before choosing a business.
  • Most consumers now look online first when looking for a local business.
  • 80% of consumers looking for restaurants will look at at least 3 profiles before they choose one.

Your business's presence and reputation online are crucial to the success of your business and will be more so as we move forward.

To maximise your ability to win business online you should consider the Online Presence and Reputation of your business as a critical business asset.



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