Multiple Businesses with Jumpstart

Jumpstart is designed around building the Online Presence and Reputation of one business.

However, a lot of business's have more than one location and would like to generally improve the presence of the group as a whole focusing on priorities across the entire group.

If you have more than one business or location and you would like to do Jumpstart then we can provide the service across multiple locations and the service can be applied to either a mix of business's per month or we can concentrate on a single business each month.

As jumpstart is based on a number of hours per month those hours can be dedicated to one or more business's each month with the work being decided in the meeting at the beginning of each month.

If you need to do more each month then additional jumpstart subscriptions can be added to provide more hours per month.

One caveat is that each business involved in the Jumpstart program needs to be on the Involved Plan, this can be changed at the end of the program or if some locations are no longer requiring access to Jumpstart.

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