The Jumpstart Program

The Jumpstart program is a managed program where we build your business's Online Presence and Reputation for you over a standard period of 6 months.

This is particularly relevant if you:

  • Have a new business or location.
  • Have moved, renamed or made some changes to your business.
  • Have a business that has a lot of incorrect and conflicting information online.
  • Want to get found more by consumers looking for local businesses like yours.
  • Do not have the Time to build your business's Online Presence.
  • Do not have the Skills and Knowledge to properly build your business's Online Presence and Reputation.

The period of 6 months is only a recommendation and can be shorter or longer depending on the amount of work required.

You can cancel at any time though a minimum period of 3 months is required.

You may only require a shorter period if your business already has an adequate Online Presence and you are looking to make some improvements or fix incorrect or inconsistent information which may be affecting your ability to rank in Local Search.

As part of the Jumpstart program we expect your business to be on the Involved Plan for the period of the program.  This allows us to monitor your business across more search terms and to compare your presence to 3 competitors.

As part of the program we will:

  • Have an initial Kickoff meeting to determine base information and set initial goals.
  • Add and monitor three competitors to help us determine where to focus our attention.
  • Complete your base profile in myPresences in consultation with you so that all your base data is agreed before we start.
  • Determine old and incorrect information such as Business Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Web Addresses that we can use to find outdated and conflicting presences.
  • Create & monitor keyword searches across Google, Bing, Google Maps and Bing Local to monitor progress.
  • Create new presences on services where your business has no presence focusing on those with highest importance first.
  • Fix inaccurate information.
  • Fix inconsistencies that are affecting your business's ability to rank in Local Search.
  • Make your presences more complete by adding missing information and adding Photos and Videos to your profiles.
  • Remove Duplicate presences on services where you have more than one.
  • Claim* unclaimed presences.
  • Provide you with Optimized Metadata for your website to maximize your visibility to search engines.
  • Create Management Accounts for you on all services where we add or update presences and supply these credentials to you.
  • Add each of your presences into myPresences so they can all be managed from one place.
  • Store your credentials in myPresences with each presence so you can automatically login to each account whenever you need to update your information in the future.

During the program you will be able to login to your myPresences account and see all the changes being made and will be able to monitor everything happening for your three competitors.

Program Completion

At the end of the standard period your Jumpstart Program will expire and you can decide at this point to either extend for a period or continue on a month by month basis.

Our goal is to get your business to the point where it has a strong Online Presence and Reputation by this point and for you then to be able to continue to manage your Online presence yourself in-house using myPresences.



Find out More

 For enquires and prices for the Jumpstart Program please contact us at 


* - Some presences may require a service fee to claim them.  We will discuss the benefits of this with you on a case by case basis and if you decide to claim the claim fees will be added to your jumpstart fees.  Note: only a small percentage of services charge for claiming and often include other benefits.

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