What happens each month?

On the Jumpstart program we provide a number of deliverables each month.

Your first month will be different in that in the first month we:

  • Have a kickoff meeting.
  • Setup your base profile (If not done already).
  • Setup three competitors.
  • Add keywords to the visibility section to monitor progress.

As such the first month is more about getting setup correctly so that we have a correct and consistent set of information that is agreed on by both myPresences and yourself as the best possible data to include in your online presences.

For each subsequent month we will:

  • Have a 1/2 hour monthly meeting via Skype\Phone or in person where possible to discuss progress and the next month.  You can make suggestions on where you would like us to focus for the next month.
  • Spend 1 hour planning and preparing for the month based on discussions and signals in myPresences as the best places to focus.
  • Spend 5 hours manually building and fixing your Online Presence and managing your reputation using the myPresences platform to increase efficiency.
  • Provide a report on the previous month and everything that has changed in that period.

At any time you can login to myPresences and see everything that is happening with your business and also the competitors that are added for you as part of the program.  

You will also start to receive notification emails for things like new reviews, ratings changes and more (you will also receive these for your competitors).

We encourage you to login and ask any questions as it is important you get to know your business's Online Presence and Reputation like you know your physical location.

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