The increasing importance of your Presence and Reputation Online

Managing the Online Presence and Reputation of a business is a relatively new problem and has emerged over the last 10 years with the rapid growth of the Internet and Social Media.

Technology is rapidly advancing and we are moving from predominantly desktop computing to mobile computing on phones and tablets.  With this transition we are seeing the User Interface shrink from large screen monitors ... to tablets .. to phones .. to smart watches and then to the emergence of 'No Interface'.

With the shrinking user interface we are moving from a wide range of choices to a limited set of choices where being included in the first  few choices is becoming incredibly important to your business.

Eg. Google recently updated their Local Pack on the first page of google search results for local searches from 7 entries to 3 on desktop to be the same as mobile.  Now businesses need to be in the top 3 to appear on the first page rather than the top 7.

With the emergence of tools like Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana and the rapid improvement in voice processing accuracy we are seeing the emergence of Limited to No Interface services.

In the age of the Limited or No Interface services your business's Presence and Reputation are crucial to your business being recommended to consumers.  In this world your business is recommended based on an algorithm that takes into account many factors about your business and the most crucial of these will be your reputation online and the quality of your presence.  Only one or maybe a few business's will be recommended when a user asks for their advice about a business through these services.

Start preparing now by getting your business's presence and especially reputation as strong as possible so that your business is ready to capitalise as your presence and reputation become increasingly important.

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