Add a Peer or Competitor

Competitors are tracked in the same way as your own businesses and need to be added to myPresences in the same way you added your own business.

Once you upgrade to a paid plan you can add competitors or peers that you can then use to compare and benchmark your online performance.

Each plan allows you to add the following number of extra Peers and Competitors.

Plan Number of Peers or Competitors
Aware 1
Involved 3

Once you are on a paid plan you can add a new Peer or Competitor by:

  1. Clicking the name of your business in the header.
  2. Clicking the button "Add New Business..."

You can then add the business in exactly the same way as you add your own businesses.


Why track peers and competitors this way?

It might seem like more work to add each of your competitors this way but it provides a lot of benefits, such as:

  • We can provide more accurate results
  • We can give you deeper insights into how you compare
  • You can see more about your competitors when we know exactly what to monitor
  • You can easily switch to your competitors and see nearly everything that is happening online for them.

Some other products support comparing and benchmarking to competitors without the extra step of fully tracking each competitor, this leads to inaccurate and incomplete reporting as they often don't have enough information to be sure the online profiles they are reporting on actually belong to your competitors.  This situation is made worse for franchise groups or businesses with quite generic names.

Our competitor tracking features are far more reliable than all other products on the market because of this.

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