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Note: For this page to contain competitors you will need to be on the Aware or Involved Plan which allows you to add competitors.

The peer services tab appears in the Services Screen.  This provides a high level overview of how your business compares to the peers and competitors you have added for your business across all the services that are relevant for your business.


This page allows you to quickly compare your key information with your competitors and peers to find the best opportunities to improve your online competitiveness against your competitors.

From this page you can:

  • See how you compare in terms of ratings, review count and photo count.
  • See where you competitors are listed and you are not.
  • See where you are listed and your competitors are not.
  • See where neither you or your competitors are listed.
  • Sort by the most important services so you can concentrate on those first.


Insight Value
How you compare on ratings Ratings are very important for many businesses today. If your rating is less than your average competitors in your area then you will either be selected less or may not be visible to consumers due to your lower rating.
 How you compare for reviews Reviews are a big factor in whether a business is shown and whether consumers will choose you when they find your profile.  If you have less reviews than your competitors (especially on important sites) then you should try to get more reviews on those sites.
How you compare on Photos Photos (and videos) make a profile standout.  Try to include as many photos as possible on your profiles.  If you have less photos than your competitors on important sites then see whether it is more adding more and better photos. Add videos if you are able.
See where your competitors are listed and you are not If your competitor is listed somewhere, you should consider being there too.  This is not always the case but if it is an important site or a niche services for your industry then you should consider being listed.  If you are not listed your competitors are the only option.
See where you are listed and your competitors are not. These are services where you are the only choice among your direct competitors (other competitors may be listed). Try to make these profiles as powerful as possible to make sure consumers choose you when they find you here rather than jumping to another site.  As there is less choice they are more likely to find you if they search on these sites and you are more likely to be near the top of the search.
See where neither you or your competitors are listed. These services do not have you or any of your peers or competitors listed. If the service is important you should create a listing as you will have more chance of being found and chosen by consumers.
Sort by most important services There are probably a lot of services applicable to your business.  You do not need to be listed on them all and should focus on the most important ones first.  You can do this by sorting services by Domain Authority (a score from 1 to 100 with 100 being the best).  After sorting the most important services will be near the top, concentrate on these.


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