Comparing to Peers and Competitors

Once you have added some Peers and Competitors for your Business you will notice more information appearing in many areas of myPresences showing how you compare.

There are a number of places where this will appear:

  1. Most graphs will show peers and competitors for comparison.
  2. Monthly reports will compare to competitors.
  3. The Service screen "Peer Services" tab.



In most places where a graph appears mypresences will also show your competitors over the same time period.  This allows you to see where you are better or worse than your competitors.


Monthly Reports

Monthly reports will compare your main statistics with your competitors if they are available.  Some of these statistics are extremely important to your business and you should aim to be at least better than your average competitors.


Peer Services Tab

In the Services screen you can quickly see how you compare to your competitors and peers across all the services that are relevant to your business.

Here you can:

  • See how you compare on ratings and number of reviews and photos.
  • See where your competitors are listed and you are not.
  • See where you are listed and your competitors are not.
  • And more.

See Peer Services Tab for a more detailed explanation of the page.


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