Why should I connect or authorize access to my accounts and are my accounts safe?

For you to get the most from myPresences for your business you will need to connect or authorize access to some of your online accounts.

See Connecting your online accounts.

There are a number of reasons why we ask you to connect your accounts and it is usually because we either cannot access information about your business without being connected or the information we can access is very limited.

The services that limit access include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram

The services that require authorization before you can access any information includes:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics (For information on how your website is performing)
  • Google Search (for information on how your website performs in search)

myPresences will never use your account in a malicious or surprising way and will never contact your connections or post to your account in unexpected ways.

We will only ask you to connect your profiles when it is absolutely necessary and the vast majority of online services do not require you to provide your credentials or passwords to be managed.

Removing a connection or authorization

You can remove a connection or authorization at any time by going to the services section in your business profile and clicking the Disconnect button beside the service you want to disconnect.

This will remove any information in myPresences linking to your account and myPresences will not be able to connect to your account again.

Are my accounts safe

When we connect to your online accounts we do not store your usernames or passwords for your online accounts, these remain with the online service being authorized and we receive a token which gives us the ability to access your account with certain restricted privileges for a period of time.

These tokens are stored in a secure encrypted database that is extremely safe.




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