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When your business is added to mypresences we will do an automatic scan to discover an initial set of presences to get you started.

If you are on the Free plan this scan is designed to find some of your most relevant presences quickly but it may not find the majority of your presences.

On the paid plans a Comprehensive scan will run each month to find as many presences as possible.

There are a number of ways you can add a new presence to the system and you should spend some time looking online for any presences that are not currently managed and add them to mypresences.

Once a presence has been submitted you will be notified in the timeline when the presence has been added.  If there is a problem a message will be added to the timeline to indicate the presence could not be added.  This is commonly the case when a submitted page is not a valid presence on the service. (eg. the page is a search page or another page that does not belong to a single business).

If a page is submitted that does not correspond to a known service it will be added as a clipping so it can be managed.

To add a new Presence use one of the following methods.

1. Use the Bookmarklet.
This is the recommended method for adding presences as it is quick and easy.

To use the bookmarklet it must be installed in your bookmarks. Using bookmarks is different for each browser so please consult information on your browser if the below does not work.

To install the bookmarklet on your browser:

  1. Go to the Navigation Menu on the left.
  2. Choose Add Presence
  3. On the page the bookmarklet should appear as red with some included instructions.
  4. Drag the bookmarklet and drop it onto the bookmark bar at the top of your browser. If this does not work you can try to right click and choose save bookmark or whatever works for your browser.
  5. The bookmark should appear as "Add to mypresences".

Whenever you click this button the current page will be submitted to mypresences as a candidate presence.  If the page is not for a supported service it will be added as a clipping.

Note: before adding presences make sure the business you wish to add presences to is selected at the top of the page in mypresences.  The bookmarklet will add presences to the last selected business in any tab or window for the current browser.

2. Add presences from the Visibility Page.
Any presence listed in the search engines ranks on the visibility page can be added as a presence.  

  1. Click on the Add button beside a presence in the rank list.

3. Manually add presences.
Once you have found a presence online that you would like to manage:

  1. Copy the URL for the presence.
  2. Return to and make sure the correct business is selected.
  3. Open the Navigation Menu on the Left.
  4. Click "Add Presence"
  5. Type or Paste the URL where specified.
  6. Press "Submit Presence"


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