NAP refers to your Name, Address and Phone Number.

Sometimes this can be referred to as NAPW adding the Website Url as another very important piece of information that needs to be consistent across your citations.

When you hear the term NAP Consistency this refers to how consistent your business's Name, Address and Phone Number are across all of your citations.

When you have Inconsistent NAP data you need to go to the presences that are incorrect and fix them.  This not only improves your ability to rank but helps your customers connect with you better as you are fixing inaccurate information as well.

myPresences helps you by identifying where your NAP data is inconsistent and then helps you make the changes to fix your NAP consistency.

Check your Data Health dashboard for your NAP Consistency.

To make it easier to manage your NAPW consistency we display a NAPW indicator on each of your presences to make it very clear where you can make improvements.

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