Claiming Presences

Many online services allow you to Claim your presence or profile on their service.

This means you are taking ownership or asserting you are the owner (or representative of the owner) of that presence and you would like to take control of it.

The benefits of claiming presences changes from service to service but generally claiming a presence will provide some or all of the following benefits:

  • Not allow other parties to claim the presence and take control of your information
  • Give you additional benefits such as being able to add additional fields or more photos
  • Give you access to management functions such as a dashboard and reports
  • Lead to better visibility on the service.

You should Claim as many of your presences as you can with a focus on the more important services first.


In myPresences we track the services that can be claimed and make it easy for you to claim these presences by linking you directly to the claim process where possible.

To help you claim your presences we:

  • provide a Claim Profile button on your presence profiles when a presence can be claimed.  This will link directly to the claim process on the services.
  • show whether a presence is claimed or not
  • provide a gauge at the top of the presences screen showing you what percentage of your claimable presences are claimed
  • create an action in your actions list to claim each claimable presence. This action is resolved automatically once you claim the presence.



Most presences are free to claim though some services may charge a fee depending on what country you are in or if you want to speed up the claiming process.  You should look at the benefits of claiming your presence on these services and determine if the cost is worthwhile.

Some examples of services that may charge to claim are Foursquare and 2FindLocal.


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