Presence Profile Page

Every presence has its own page which contains very detailed information on the presence.

On the profile page you can:

  • See all the KPI's associated with the presence and the change over the last 30 days.
  • Set and access Service Credentials for the presence (and all presences on the same service).
  • Access presence related actions such as reporting problems, claiming links and more.
  • See Suggested Improvements and Search Visibility for the presence.
  • See the Aspects the presence support.
  • See business data for every aspect as it appears on the presence.
  • See Posts, Reviews, Followers, Photos, Videos and more for the presence.
  • Remove the presence from being managed by myPresences.


Actions accessible from here

On the presence profile page you can do the following if available:

  • Login to the service for this presence. 
  • Claim the presence.
  • Create a new account on the service.
  • Make a change by going to the Make a Change page on the service.
  • Go to the Dashboard for the presence on the service.
  • Go to the Analytics for the presence on the service.
  • Test email delivery if the service supports contacting the business.
  • Stop managing the presence in myPresences (will not affect the presence online)



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