Getting Started on the Agency Platform

Once you have an agency account it will be associated with the user account that you chose as your agency account.

When you login to this account there will be a new entry at the bottom of the Navigation Bar called Agency, this is the section where you can manage your agency clients and reports.

Your agency account allows you to manage multiple different clients under one login and to get started you should add your clients so that their presence online is managed by myPresences.


Step 1 - Add your Clients

To get started you will need to add each client you will manage with mypresences so that we can discover all of the online information we can for those businesses and start to monitor for changes.

If you have not already added a business then when you first login it will take you to a screen where you can start entering the details for a new business.  

If you already have a business please refer to Adding a business.

Please repeat this process to add each of the clients you want to manage with myPresences.


Step 2 - Define Reporting Preferences for each Client

Once a client is being managed by myPresences we will automatically start to manage each business's presences online and let you know everything that is happening across all its presences.

To be able to report this information to your clients you can either use the default report for each client or customise the information that is reported to each client.

To set your reporting preferences go to the Agency section and refer to Setting Report Preferences to customise your reports for each client.


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