Working with myPresences

Once you have installed the myPresences Agent it will automatically work with an instance of myPresences that is running within the same Browser Session.

This means if you are running chrome and have logged into myPresences in one tab the agent will work in other tabs of the same session and access your data and will work in other windows of the same session.

Changing the current business

If you need to change businesses then find that tab where myPresences is running and change the business and then return to the tab where you were before.

You can also start a new tab and this will take precedence as it was the last myPresences session interacted with.

The Agent Icon

The agent icon will appear in the Extension section on the right side of your browser at the top and will be a place pin icon.


Black - when the current page is not supported by myPresences.

Yellow - when the current page is supported by myPresences.

You can click on the Icon at any time for a popup.


Where will the Agent not work

The agent currently only supports the Chrome Web Browser so it will not work in any other browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or any mobile browsers.

If you are running multiple user profiles in chrome the browser agent needs to be installed into each user profile and then the agent will be able to work with any instances of myPresences open in that same user profile.  See working with user profiles in chrome.



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