Autofill with myPresences Agent

Note: before you can use the autofill feature fully you should set your base profile in myPresences as this is where the autofill information comes from.

One of the most useful features of the myPresences Agent is the autofill feature.

 This means that whenever you visit a page in your browser that requires input myPresences will intelligently fill your data for you.

This makes adding new presences and updating existing presences a breeze!

This is extremely important because:

  • Adding and updating your presences will be much faster!
  • Your updates will always be accurate .. no mistyping or mistakes.
  • Your updates will always be consistent .. no choices to make.  Once your base profile is set anyone can update your profiles without having to decide which phone number or email address to use.
  • Combined with autologin we reduce the number of things to remember and do so there are minimal barriers to you being able to create new presences or fix that incorrect information.

Not everything can be autofilled (Yet!). So quickly check each page before submitting to make sure everything is set.


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