Autologin with myPresences Agent

When you have the myPresences Agent Installed it will automatically set your username and password when you login to supported services.

This is a big timesaver and makes the backend services on each service much more accessible to you as you don't have to worry about remembering or looking up access credentials first.

This is especially useful when someone else (an agency) is helping you manage your web presence and they need access to your service to make a change .. they need never see your password or need to ask you for it as long as they have access to myPresences.

For autologin to work you should store your Username and Password for the service within myPresences using the Credentials Feature.

Autologin may not work for every service, we are actively improving our support so if autologin does not work on your favourite service log a service ticket above and we will do our best to add support.

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