Working with Multiple Locations

If you have more than one business location you should enter each location as separate business and manage each of their presences separately.

It is important that each business be managed separately as each business location has its own distinct data and to properly manage issues they need to be kept separate with a base profile for each business location.

Some other reasons to manage each location separately are:

  • Reviews and Ratings can be monitored and compared by Store
  • Helps to ensure each location is fully represented online
  • Each business can be compared to other locations
  • Each business will have different local competitors to compare against.


Adding a second location

See Adding a second location to add your second location and follow the same procedure to add more locations under your account.


Switching between Multiple Businesses

When you have more than one business you can switch between each location by clicking on the business name in the header.  When you click on the business name a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to select another location.

If you have more than 20 locations the drop-down list will be replaced by an edit control where you can search for a business by name.


Comparing and Benchmarking your Businesses

Once you have more than one business you can compare all of the KPI's against your own businesses in a similar way to how you can compare to competitors. See Comparing yourself to Peers and Competitors.


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